HRBDT Weekly News Circular

Prepared by Vivian Ng.

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data & Technology Project based at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre prepares an overview of related news stories from the week.

This first post covers the last few weeks.

You can follow the HRBDT project on twitter: @hrbdtNews.


  1. Bulk data collection only lawful in serious crime cases, ECJ indicates


  1. European Commission launches EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: stronger protection for transatlantic data flows
  1. United States joins case over Facebook data transfers from EU


  1. Microsoft wins landmark appeal over seizure of foreign emails
  1. Three Key Takeaways: The 2d Circuit Ruling in the Microsoft Warrant Case
  1. S. to Allow Foreigners to Serve Warrants on U.S. Internet Firms
  1. US border authority seeks travellers’ social media details
  1. CIA taps huge potential of digital technology
  1. Federal Court Hears Long Overdue Arguments Over 2008 Surveillance Law


  1. Facebook wins privacy case against Belgian data protection authority
  1. The Microsoft Ireland Case and the Future of Digital Privacy
  1. Privacy row over FBI iris scan ‘trial’

Freedom of Expression

  1. Beyond the Mantra, Towards the Granular: The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression’s Report on the Private Sector in the Digital Age


  1. Will greater access to digital health improve healthcare in emerging countries?
  1. NHS to scrap single database of patients’ medical details
  1. Big data: Can it predict the spread of Zika? Cloudera thinks so
  1. 23andMe Sells Data for Drug Search


  1. Why We Should Expect Algorithms to Be Biased
  1. ACLU suing US over law that could let software discriminate by race or gender
  1. Are Face Recognition Systems Accurate? Depends on Your Race.

Industry and Other Developments

  1. New app lets public help map disasters, conflicts and outbreaks
  1. Google’s My Activity reveals just how much it knows about you
  1. What Facebook Thinks Your News Feed Is Really About
  1. India goes from village to village to compile world’s biggest ID database

Conceptual Issues

  1. Big Data Is a Big Deal But How Much Data Do We Need?
  1. National Data Guardian Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Outs
  1. Pokémon Go: Who owns the virtual space around your home?
  1. Definition of “PII” Under VPPA Continues to Evolve with 3rd Circuit Ruling


Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone.


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