International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By Luiza Drummond Veado


Each week students at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre prepare an overview of the past week’s human rights related news stories from around the world.

  • International


2016 deadliest year ever for migrants crossing Mediterranean – UN News Centre

  • Africa


UN urges Burundi to reverse ban on oldest human rights group – The Washington Post

Human rights abuses complaint against WWF to be examined by OECD – The Guardian

Gambia: Arrests, Media Closures as Deadline Nears – Human Rights Watch

Soldiers launch mutinies in three Ivory Coast cities – Aljazeera

Welcoming DR Congo political accord, UN Security Council urges efforts to resolve remaining issues – UN News Centre


  • America


Brazil: Regain Control of Prison System – Human Rights Watch

US removal of textbook with ‘distorted’ depiction of slavery from classrooms applauded by UN experts – UN News Centre

Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms – The Washington Post

Brazil’s quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war – Aljazeera

Top UN official in Haiti, Security Council welcome announcement of president-elect – UN News Centre


  • Asia


Sri Lankan committee recommends hybrid courts for war crimes – The Washington Post

UN rights expert to assess potential abuses in northern Myanmar – UN News Centre

What Happens Off-Camera in Burma? – Human Rights Watch

Iraq: End irresponsible arms transfers fuelling militia war crimes – Amnesty International

UN warns of war crimes over disruption to water supply north of Damascus – The Guardian


  • Europe


Kosovar Ex-Premier, Wanted by Serbia, Faces French Court – The New York Times

Germany sued for damages of ‘forgotten genocide’ in Namibia – The Guardian

Turkey detains 18 in connection with attack near courthouse – The Washington Post

Swiss wade into complaint against WWF over tribe’s rights – The Washington Post

Asylum Seekers Left in the Cold – Human Rights Watch

NHS faces ‘humanitarian crisis’ as demand rises, British Red Cross warns– The Guardian



Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone.



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