HRBDT Weekly News Circular

By Baekkwan Park

Each week the Human Rights, Big Data & Technology Project, based at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre, prepares an overview of related news stories from the week. This summary contains news articles from 26 May to 2 June 2017.

You can follow the HRBDT Project on twitter: @hrbdtNews.

Big Data and Technology

Activists Build Human Rights Abuse Cases With Help From Cellphone Videos – NPR

Big data maps India’s human traffic hot spots – Reuters

Who’s Taking Responsibility for Your Supply Chain? – IndustryWeek

Why Internet Access Is a Human Right – Foreign Affairs


Health Privacy Summit Event Brings Together Influential Leaders to Develop Strategies on Improving Patient Privacy Rights on a Global Scale – PR Newswire

How Machine Learning Is Helping Us Predict Heart Disease and Diabetes – Harvard Business Review

The Future Of Healthcare Is Digital… But Not Necessarily FDA Approved – Forbes

Humanitarian Issues

Could Big Data Help End Hunger in Africa? – Voice of America

Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Power a Nutrition Early Warning System (NEWS) for Africa – ReliefWeb

Watch the Movements of Every Refugees on Earth Since the Year 2000 – Fast Company


Big Data Control Frameworks: Have Your Data and Control It Too – Security Intelligence

Canada just increased data sharing with international spy partners – National Observer

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone.


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