International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By Luiza Drummond Veado and Cecilia Grillo

Each week students at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre prepare an overview of the past week’s human rights related news stories from around the world.

  • International

‘A human right, not a bonus’: readers on campaigning for disability rights – The Guardian

  • Africa

Tanzania: Stop Threatening Rights Groups – Human Rights Watch

Reconsider charges against Palestinian human rights defender, UN experts urge Israel – UNNews

Ghana: People with Disabilities Freed from Chains – Human Rights Watch

Bahrain: Woman human rights defender at high risk of torture, including sexual assault – Amnesty International

Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Yezidi Fighters’ Families Expelled – Human Rights Watch

Central African Republic: Civilians Targeted in War – Human Rights Watch

  • Americas

Peru: Don’t Give Fujimori Special Treatment – Human Rights Watch

Venezuela: Lethal violence, a state policy to strangle dissent – Amnesty International

Trump proves G20 is less than sum of its parts – BBCNews

The Power of Canada’s Apology to Omar Khadr – Human Rights Watch

Colombian Govt Accused of Inaction in the face of Violence Toward Afro-Colombians: Human Rights Groups – Telesur

Cuba and Nicaragua Confirm Support for Venezuela at UN – Telesur

  • Asia

China: Authorities must end ruthless crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists – Amnesty International

Farhad Mazhar: Bangladeshi human rights campaigner found on bus – BBCNews

India must ask Israel to end mass human rights violations against Palestinians – Amnesty International

One year on, Duterte remains a human rights nightmare – Amnesty International

Bangladesh detentions: ‘Hundreds being held in secret’  – BBCNews

Cambodia: Revoke Ban on Election Monitors – Human Rights Watch

  • Europe

Turkey must free jailed human rights defenders – Amnesty International

Trump Avoids Warsaw’s Failure to Uphold ‘Shared Values’ – Human Rights Watch

EU-Japan Summit, 06/07/2017 – EUNews

‘Prolonged solitary confinement’ of boy at Feltham YOI ‘breached human rights’ – The Guardian

Poland: EU Should Tackle Unsafe Returns to Belarus – Human Rights Watch

The Observer view on Europe’s shameful response to the growing refugee crisis – The Guardian

  • Oceania

Too many Anglo-­Celtic faces running Australia: AHRC – The Australian

‘What is the evidence?’ Commissioner questions Victoria’s youth justice crackdown – The Guardian


Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone.


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