International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By Besir OzbekAgathe ArtusÖvünç GüneşFrancesca Fazio


International Day of Women and Girls in Science: UN calls for smashing stereotypes – UN News Centre

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation – Geneva International Centre for Justice

With rising number of girls at risk, world in ‘race against time’ to end female genital mutilation – UN News Centre

Winter Olympics begin with powerful message of peace – The Guardian

UN seeks $1.06 billion to help fragile countries create ‘firewall against famine’ – UN News Centre


Senegal protests: A call for free and fair elections – Al Jazeera

After 25 years, a breakthrough for victims of Chad dictator Hissène Habré – The Guardian

‘Crucial step’ hailed as more than 300 child soldiers released in South Sudan – The Guardian

‘I believed no man would marry me if I didn’t cut’: battling FGM in Uganda – The Guardian

Boko Haram releases 13 hostages to Nigerian government – BBC News

Ugandans suspended over ‘refugee scam’ – BBC News


Women and children threatened by sexual violence at refugee reception centres in Greek islands – UN– UN News Centre

Poland’s Twisted Holocaust Law– Human Rights Watch

In their words: African victims of far-right gun attack– AlJazeera

UK plans video campaign to deter African migrants– The Guardian

Letter to FIFA Regarding Detention, Torture, and Killing of LGBT People in Russia’s Chechen Republic and Threats against Independent Russian Media  Print– Human Rights Watch

Latin America and the Caribbean

Venezuela: ICC Prosecutor to Review Alleged Crimes – Human Rights Watch

Migrant deaths along US-Mexico border remain high despite drop in crossings -UN News

Latin America Could Lead the Way for LGBT Rights in 2018 – Human Rights Watch

Acapulco: Mexico’s murder capital torn apart by violence -Al Jazeera

A Stark Reminder of Mexico’s Disappearances Crisis -Human Rights Watch

Colombia and Brazil tighten Venezuela border control -Al Jazeera

What President Bachelet Got Wrong About Fujimori’s Release in Peru – Human Rights Watch


Syria: Life ‘living nightmare’ for children in East Ghouta, UNICEF chief warns– Un News Centre

Kurdistan Regional Government: Allegations of Mass Executions– Human Rights Watch

Saudi scholar: Women need not wear abaya robes– AlJazeera

Egypt: Opposition member Mohamed al-Kassas at risk of enforced disappearance and torture– Amnesty International

Iran: Three activists on hunger strike after violent prison transfer– Amnesty International

North America

Florida Close to Banning Child Marriage — But There’s a Catch – Global Citizen

Canada: Nova Scotia argues that supported housing for disabled is not a right – Global News

US: Census Bot Tweets Immigrants’ Profiles – Human Rights Watch

Canada: Feds order review of controversial helicopter deal with the Philippines – Global News


Australia child sex abuse: Victims to receive national apology – BBC News

Closing the Gap targets in childhood mortality and early education back on track – The Guardian

Black Panther: how superhero film can inspire Indigenous and African youth – The Guardian

Fourth group of refugees set to leave Nauru for the US – The Guardian

South and South-East Asia

Prominent Pakistani rights activist Asma Jahangir dies aged 66 -Guardian

Myanmar: Fresh evidence of ongoing ethnic cleansing as military starves, abducts and robs Rohingya -Amnesty International

Burma: Ensure Unfettered Aid in Kachin State – Human Rights Watch

UN Security Council must halt disastrous march of Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing of Rohingya -Amnesty International

Maldives: Democracy under ‘all-out assault,’ warns UN rights chief -UN News

Cambodia: Free Forcibly Returned Critic of Hun Sen – Human Rights Watch

Cambodia: Supreme Court upholds deeply flawed conviction against land activist Tep Vanny -Amnesty International

Malaysia: Don’t Send 11 Detainees to China – Human Rights Watch

India: The fight to end ‘virginity test’ for newlyweds -Al Jazeera

Philippines: Discrimination Against Workers with HIV – Human Rights Watch

Bangladesh: End Crackdown on Opposition Supporters – Human Rights Watch

Bangladesh ‘fully committed’ to UN peacekeeping as vital element of global peace and security – UN Force Commander -UN News

Vietnam: End Repression Against Religious Activists – Human Rights Watch

The Philippines: ICC examination into drug killings a crucial moment for justice -Amnesty International

Thailand: Burmese Workers on Trial for Reporting Abuses – Human Rights Watch

Singapore: End Detention Without Trial -Human Rights Watch

Pakistani Professor’s Endless Blasphemy Trial -Human Rights Watch


Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone


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