International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By Manon ClayetteAyushi Kalyan , Nina Giraudel, and Sweekruthi Keshavamurthy

Each week students at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre prepare an overview of the past week’s human rights related news stories from around the world.


Peacekeeping chief highlights challenges facing UN Police – UN News

Stigmatized, shunned and shamed, International Widows’ Day draws attention to their unique needs – UN News

World Health Organization No Longer Classifies Being Trans as ‘Mental Illness’ – Global Citizen

 Refugees and other migrants do not lose their rights by crossing borders – OHCHR


South African health minister backs medical insurance changes – Reuters

Mozambique: Armed Groups Burn Villages – Human Rights Watch

Mali Fula villagers were killed ‘in cold blood’ – BBC News

 Zimbabwe election ‘to go ahead as planned’ after blast – BBC News

 Médecins Sans Frontières staff accused of using sex workers in Africa – The Guardian

Leader of Romania’s ruling party sentenced for corruption – The Guardian

Hungary’s laws on helping vulnerable foreigners are ‘blatantly xenophobic’: UN rights chief- UN News

Spain: Almost 800 refugees rescued off southern coast – Al Jazeera

UK: Tens of thousands of anti-Brexit protesters call for new vote – Al Jazeera

Latin America and the Caribbean

UN: Rule of law ‘virtually absent’ in Venezuela – Al Jazeera

OAS: Condemn Egregious Abuses in Nicaragua – Human Rights Watch

Colombia president-elect vows to unite nation, alter peace deal – Reuters

Mexico: 15 fake transgender candidates disqualified from election – The Guardian

IACHR Urges Honduras to Guarantee International Standards for Independence and Impartiality in the Process of Appointing the Country’s New Attorney General – OAS

How El Salvador’s evangelicals have joined the backlash against women’s reproductive rights – openDemocracy


Saudi driving ban ends as women’s rights activists remain jailed – Al Jazeera

Siege of Syria’s eastern Ghouta ‘barbaric and medieval’, says UN Commission of Inquiry – UN News

Yemen war: UN offers deal to manage Hudaida’s port – Al Jazeera

Iraq: Displaced Families Blocked from Returning – Human Rights Watch

Libya turmoil a hurdle for EU’s north Africa migration centre plan – The Guardian

North America

Trump calls for deportations without judicial process – BBC News

US withdraws from UN Human Rights Council – Al Jazeera

US military plans migrant tent camps amid Trump crackdown – BBC News

Revealed: Canada uses massive US anti-terrorist database at borders – The Guardian


As Housing Prices Soar, New Zealand Tackles a Surge in Homelessness – The New York Times

Will Australia Provide Justice for Afghanistan War Crimes? – Human Rights Watch

Violent postelection riots continue in Papua New Guinea – Al Jazeera

Jacinda Ardern shows that no doors are closed to women – The Guardian

South and South-East Asia

Thailand: Resuming Death Penalty a Major Setback – Human Rights Watch

Five NGO workers gang-raped in India’s Jharkhand state – Al Jazeera

Gang raped and set on fire: ICC pushes to investigate Myanmar Rohingya atrocities – The Guardian

Philippine School Kids May Face Mandatory Drug Tests – Human Rights Watch

UN mobilizes in Rohingya camps to support babies born of rape; young mothers face stigma – UN News

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone



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