International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By  Besir OzbekAgathe ArtusÖvünç GüneşFrancesca Fazio


International Criminal Court says it has jurisdiction over alleged crimes against Rohingya – Reuters

‘Legally binding’ nuclear-test ban essential to prevent ‘catastrophic impact’ says UN chief – UN News

“Good progress” at Bangkok climate talks on draft Paris accord rules – UN official – Reuters

UN media seminar on peace in the Middle East, highlights ‘power of words over weapons’ – UN News

‘5 Minutes to Midnight’: Amnesty Warns Catastrophic Climate Change Is Near – Global Citizen

With AI, jobs are changing but no mass unemployment expected – UN labour experts – UN News


DR Congo: Opposition Under Assault – Human Rights Watch

US Congress Should Raise Rights Issues during Kenyatta Visit – Human Rights Watch

Hope for Revision of Ethiopia’s Draconian Laws? – Human Rights Watch

Albinism: UN official welcomes latest developments in ‘landmark’ Malawi murder case – UN News

‘Children’s crisis’ in South Sudan must be addressed, says top UN official calling for real accountability –  UN news


Turkey HDP: Court jails pro-Kurdish leader Demirtas– BBC News

Ending Child Marriage in the United Kingdom – Human Rights Watch

The UK Might Actually Make Misogyny a Hate Crime – Global Citizen

Latin America and the Caribbean

Human Rights Watch Letter on the Venezuelan Migration Crisis– Human Rights Watch

Security Council takes up Nicaragua crisis, with some reservations– UN News

Venezuela exodus: Neighbours should ‘share the burden’– Al Jazeera

Guatemala bars UN anti-corruption investigator from re-entering country -UN News


Iraq: Deaths of protesters in Basra must be effectively investigated– Amnesty International News

Yemeni refugees on South Korea’s holiday island deserve hospitality not hostility– Amnesty International News

Egyptian ‘harasser’ stripped by crowd– BBC News

North America

UNRWA funding cut could close Palestinian schools within weeks – NBC News

Court: Cities can’t prosecute people for sleeping on streets – AP

Lawyers Are Facing Persistent Racial and Gender Bias at Work, Survey Shows – Global Citizen

Migrant families separated by U.S. are refusing reunification over dangers – Reuters

Former UN human rights chief calls Canada’s handling of child refugees ‘inhumane’ – Global News Canada

Human rights board of inquiry finds N.S. failed to enforce accessible bathroom regulation at restaurants – Global News Canada


China and human rights: Is Australia ‘making a difference’? – Human Rights Watch

Queensland women considered or tried to perform abortions on themselves, data shows – The Guardian

Coalition MPs admit gender equality issue but reject setting quotas – The Guardian

South and South-East Asia

Myanmar: ICC decision opens a clear avenue for justice for the Rohingya– Amnesty International

India: Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Law– Human Rights Watch

Who should be punished – Those behind a massacre or the people who expose it?– Human Rights Watch

Cambodia: Land rights activist Tep Vanny released from prison following royal pardon -Amnesty International

The Crushing of the Free Press in Myanmar– Human Rights Watch

Nepal’s Rape Survivors Need Answers– Human Rights Watch

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone



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