International Human Rights News: Weekly Roundup

By Sweekruthi Keshavamurthy, Manon Clayette,  Nina Giraudel,  Ayushi Kalyan

Each week students at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre prepare an overview of the past week’s human rights related news stories from around the world.


‘Essential step’ towards universal health care made at pivotal UN conference – UN News

Global Food Security Is at Risk If We Don’t Eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases – Global Citizen

Those who produce food are among world’s hungriest – UN rights expert – UN News

‘Crippling to our credibility’ that number of women peacekeepers is so low: UN chief – UN News


Madagascar pre-trial detainees face ‘life-threatening conditions – Al Jazeera

South Sudan: Soldiers Attack Civilians in Western Region– Human Rights Watch

Over 330,000 Congolese migrants at risk after mass deportations from Angola – UN rights chief – UN News

Surge in militant violence halts aid in Chad’s lake region – U.N. – Reuters

Sahle-Work Zewde named Ethiopia’s first female president – Al Jazeera


Russia: Unaddressed Domestic Violence Puts Women at Risk– Human Rights Watch

French full-body veil ban, violated women’s freedom of religion: UN Human Rights Committee– UN News

‘Rome says enough’: thousands rally to denounce city’s decaying state – The Guardian

Ireland removes ban on blasphemy in landslide referendum result – Independent

Brexit: French officials dismiss UK fears of Calais ‘go-slow’– BBC UK

Latin America and the Caribbean

Brazilian presidential election tears up political rule book– The Irish Times

Peru’s natives say Amazon Waterway Project threatens food sources – Al Jazeera

Sierra Leone must respect human rights law, says UN expert – OHCHR News

How Hunger Fuels Crime and Violence in Venezuela – Time

‘This border is out of control’: journalists’ murders shock Ecuador – The Guardian

FROM THE FIELD: Enslaved Guatemalan indigenous women wait for reparations – UN News


Half the population of Yemen at risk of famine: UN emergency relief chief – UN News

Mattis receives assurances from top Saudi diplomat over ‘complete investigation’ into Khashoggi’s death – The Washington Post

Feeding families remains complex task in war-torn Syria – UN relief agency – UN News

Turkey: Almost 130,000 purged public sector workers still awaiting justice – Amnesty International

With border open, Jordanians visit Syria for first time in years – Reuters

North America

USA: Facts and figures on illegal pushbacks, arbitrary detention and ill treatment of asylum-seekers in the United States – Amnesty International

Migrant Caravan Continues for U.S. Border After Rejecting Mexico’s Offer to Stay – Time

Will US exit from nuclear deal increase risk of war? – Al Jazeera

Immigrant Children Still Being Locked Up in the US – Human Rights Watch

Shootings at Houses of Worship: Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack Was Among the Deadliest

 – New York Times


Manus Island: lawyer representing detainees vows to keep fighting for compensation – The Guardian

How Australia finally started to care about asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru – The Guardian

South and South-East Asia

Sri Lanka faces crisis as two stake claim to be lawful prime minister – The Guardian

India’s air quality plummets to worst possible category -Al Jazeera

Singapore: Stop imminent hangings, end wave of executions – Amnesty International

Accountability for atrocities in Myanmar ‘cannot be expected’ within its borders – UN investigator UN News

Amnesty says tax raid at its Indian office is assault on civil society – The Guardian


Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author(s) alone



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