Unilever’s Business & Human Rights Report is a Lesson for All

Last week, Unilever released the first Human Rights Report using a UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework developed byShift Project, which is a business and human rights specialty group, and Mazars Group, which is engaged in auditing and transparency. It is worth noting that Shift is largely made up of individuals who worked for John Ruggie, the former UN Special Representative to the Secretary General on business and human rights, while he was developing the 2008 UN Framework on business and human rights and the 2011 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (several of those have much longer proper titles, but I’m on a word limit), but has not yet been endorsed by the UN Working Group.

By Dr. Tara Van Ho. You can follow Tara on twitter: @TaraVanHo Continue reading