About us


The Human Rights Centre blog seeks to publish posts relating to the theory and practice of human rights, looking at both contemporary events and longstanding issues in times of peace, instability, and in conflict and post-conflict settings.

Our goal is to present a blog that provides interesting commentary of relevance to practitioners, students, academics, and those interested in human rights.

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Style guidelines


Any issue relating to the theory and practice of human rights – the key is to pull out the human rights component in the story.


It should be written in plain English and not in an overly academic style. It should be non-polemical and pitched at the intelligent lay person. Tone should be professional and journalistic, and not informal.


Up to 1,500 words

Occasionally the blog will publish a long read. These posts provide an in-depth and rigorous analysis of a topical human rights issue. If you are interested in writing a long read, then please contact the blog editors before drafting a submission.


No footnotes. Instead, use hyperlinks to source materials, such as articles, blogs and cases, where appropriate.

The introduction should set out the main issue the post will cover and why. Headings are encouraged.

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